The Facts on Female Online Gambling Revealed

Technology has changed our lives in many ways

Women are finding new avenues for entertainment in their free times. The new age independent woman is turning to gambling and it is no longer a purely male-oriented activity. Typically, a man’s domain, women may now make up to 40% of all the players on an online casino gambling portal! So, do not be surprised the next time you meet a woman who talks about online or a mobile casino and gives you certain good tips to play!

Improvement in technology making women turn to online casino games

It is true that technology has changed our lives in many ways, for the better. The arrival of smartphones was surely a boon to the online casino industry. Giving the convenience of gambling anytime and anywhere, online and mobile casinos brought games like amazing mobile slot games, bingo, live casino games at the fingertips of the players. Mobile casinos are now cleverly targeting the young female audience with feminine themes in the games. Games thought to be typically enjoyed by women are springing up. While not all women love the video games or cutesy themes, the strategy seems to be working!

Women prefer slots rather than live dealer games

Women may surely be turning to casino gaming, but this doesn’t mean that they will play all or any game on offer. A new study from an online and mobile casino finds that only 2% of all wagers placed in live dealer games are placed by women. This is when the total number of female players is much higher. However, Bingo games, video games are popular among women, but it is not just a women’s game now! A greater proportion of men have started indulging in Bingo than before. Women, predominantly have been found to prefer slots, lotteries, and bingo games. Since all these games can be played in one place – Jackpot Mobile casino, it is hardly surprising that many women use the site to play!

Male v/s Female behaviours

An interesting trend is how women play by relying on luck, while men rely on their skill. This is probably why they prefer mobile casino games like mobile slots and bingo – where little to no skills are needed. Men on the other hand like playing Poker, table games, or being involved in sports betting.

A Swedish study confirms this and reports that men like to compete against anything that may come their way. But women like to leave their fate to ‘the universe’, a random force. This could be a reason why women are found to have generally healthier perspectives towards gambling. Only about 5% of anonymous gamblers are women. Women have a more risk-averse attitude and are not willing to take huge risks. The opposite is true for men.

However different the attitude and gaming styles of males and females are, one thing is for sure that women are increasingly turning to mobile casino and gambling. UK Gambling commission data says that around 44% of women admit to gambling, opposed to 53% of men. The gap is surely decreasing. Gambling may become just another domain where women may soon take over men! So, all the Ladies who are still looking for interesting casino ventures to indulge into, you can end your search at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Poppy Watt