We look at Earthwater and speak to founder CJ Comu.

EarthWater, Inc. is a Mineral-Infused High Alkaline Beverage which is a 100% natural, proprietary blend of organic Fulvic and Humic complexes mined from deep within the Earth’s surface. I spoke to company founder CJ Comu to tell us a little more about the product.

“We have two brands “FulHum” and “ZenFul” along with 10 SKU’s which include a liquid sachet for travel and a one liter glass bottle for Hotel’s, Restaurant’s Country Clubs.”

Which are available here in the UK and where can people purchase?

“At this time – we are just starting our traditional Retail Store Distribution in the UK – however as of today you can find a large list of EarthWater SKU’s proudly being sold by Amazon Exclusive’s World Wide

How did you first get involved with the business?

“I was having lunch in December 2012 in Mayfair, UK with a business partner and he mentioned he had a friend that was joining us. Gentlemen named Bryson (age 84) called to advise he was running 15 minutes late as he was walking from Paddington Station. When he arrived he gave me a hearty handshake that literally crushed my hand – then we sat for lunch. I have no idea what we ordered for lunch – but I remember what Bryson ordered – a STEAK. As I was viewing this interesting man – my partner said, “Bryson you look amazing – what have you been doing with yourself”? Of course I sat up to full attention. Bryson responded with “I found this black liquid concentrate composed on Fulvic & Humic compounds and I drink it daily in my tea, coffee and it has changed my life. I sleep less, I have more vitality and even have a better sense of smell and taste.” That’s when I said I HAVE to find this source of this Black Magic!”

How long has it been running?

“We formed EarthWater in May 2013 to explore this sector and the science behind Fulvic & Humic compounds. As we learned the power of this composition, we filed a Patent, Trademark, Copyright and secured our own Formulation then then released FulHum on July 1, 2014 and ZenFul on August 1, 2016. During that time we developed additional complimentary SKU’s that all included delivering Fulvic & Humic to the Consumer.”

What makes your products special and something worth considering?

“Our products are made from 100% natural mineral infused, high alkaline water based beverage, with NO additives, NO colors, NO sugars, NO chemicals, NO artificial ingredients that is also gluten free.”

Fulvic & Humic complex have shown it helps the Human Body with: 

• Improve Metabolism
• Increase Enzyme Activity
• Blood Oxygenation
• Nutrient Absorption
• Rejuvenate Cells
• Balance pH Levels
• Boost Immunity
• Detoxification
• Scavenge Free Radicals
• Remove Heavy Metals
• Boost Energy Levels
• Improve & Sustain Health

Where else in the world are your products available?

“USA - UK - CHINA. Coming soon to; France, Italy, Brazil and UAE – this year.”

What does the future hold for EarthWater?

“We look forward to being a global brand as the world is suffering from a dramatic increase in Diabetes and Obesity. Much of the scientific evidence point to Sugar Drinks as the cause. EarthWater’s mission statement is to; “Help change & improve people’s lives by offering a 100% natural beverage that can put the much needed micronutrients - missing in our food group - back into the human body and help reduce the incidence of disease and illness.”

George R Vaughan