DAFNI ceramic hair straightening brush



Wave those curly locks goodbye…

Having watched a selection of the DAFNI videos on line, this hair-taming tool looked a tremendous break through when it comes to straightening unruly hair.  As with any product on the market the proof is in the testing, so as a family we were keen to give it a go.

We tried the DAFNI on short, long male and female heads, as everyone was keen to give it a go, all with successful results. We found our hair was controlled, straightened and styled within minutes. You don’t have to divide your hair into subsections or use clips. It was so simple to use, you just brush…

Quick to heat up, DAFNI was ready to use within a minute. Developed specifically for the top recommended temperature of 185°C /365 °F degrees which, is an ideal hair styling temperature for lasting results. This remains practically constant during every brush stroke; in this way you are able to help maintain a straighter, healthier hair. Another advantage for helping to keep your hair healthy is the fact that DAFNI doesn’t squeeze or press the hair like some iron hair straighteners. With DAFNI the hair simply passes through the heated ceramic surface. 

The patent registered 3D ceramic heated surface also provides a large contact area to maximize the amount of hair you can straighten in one stroke.

With a power cord length of 2.2 meters this gives plenty of flexibility when styling and a 12-month warranty gives customer reassurance.

Coupled with the striking, bold colours of purple and black, instantly confirmed that this piece if equipment is clearly designed for unisex use.

For optimal results with your DAFNI ceramic hair straightening brush follow these 3 easy steps:  

Step 1 - Ensure your hair is dry.

Step 2 - As you apply the brush, ensure your hair penetrates deep into the bristles. You can do this by moderately stretching the hair with the other hand like you would using a regular iron.

Step 3 - Brush slowly to ensure maximum heat is absorbed into the hair. Straighten from the root to the end of your hair in a slow pulling motion. You can use DAFNI on the inner or outer side of your hair.


Tip - Make sure you brush slowly and your hair penetrates deep into the bristles!

The DAFNI original has a price tag of £120.00, taking on board your average cost to the hairdresser, I feel well worth the investment.

For more information visit https://uk.dafni.life

Poppy Watt