Confidence boost at Skinglow Beauty Clinic

Bespoke skin solutions

Confidence boost at Skinglow Beauty Clinic

Everyone from recognized clinical specialists to celebrities have opinions on the best beauty treatments, meaning the search for the truth can often be a difficult one. However, a visit to my local advanced facialist, opened new doors and provided me with an insight into the future of beauty treatments that seemed to have something genuinely new to say.

After speaking with Tetyana it’s clear her desire and knowledge stem from childhood skin issues. It’s this desire and passion to assist and guide her clients - men, woman and teenagers to discovering self-confidence that comes with great looking, healthier skin.

Having set up her Skinglow Beauty Clinic in a small residential and commercial mews in Twickenham’s St Margarets, where most mummies look yummy and those with skin problems suffer by comparison, advanced facialist Tetyana is passionate about ensuring that her clients feel more than comfortable in their skin.

Very aware that if left untreated acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation can cause silent suffering and affect confidence and self-esteem, Tetyana now provides a bespoke skin solution tailored to each individual. Each consultation with Tetyana begins with in-depth skin analysis and nutritional advice, which determines the in-clinic treatment programme and the home care system to address the individual’s skin concerns.

“My mother took care of her skin and encouraged me to take care of mine.” Says Tetyana.

“Educating both women and men to look after their skin is vital. I offer a highly professional experience that is completely private and confidential. My objective is to send you on a remarkable journey that ultimately leaves you feeling happy, confident and excited about showing the world your new, rejuvenated, healthy-looking skin” 

Skinglow Clinic offers treatments to suit both men and women and, says Tetyana, “I am thrilled, that people are now beginning to take better care of their skin, with facials and skin maintenance at home. I work with a unique pharma-cosmeceutical skin care product - pHformula. This is an advanced skincare range from Barcelona and the ingredients work in synergy, with outstanding results.”

All skin resurfacing treatment developments are based on the latest technology in regenerative medicine, and give the skin professional using them an ideal method to achieving the best possible results.

Tetyana’s beauty tips:

1. Understand your skin care requirements. Some skincare ranges work superficially. For more productive results you may need a skincare prescription to work on a cellular level.

2. Reevaluate your homecare products because your skin changes with age. Realistically, with each season your skin will have different requirements.

3. If you are unable to go to a clinic regularly, treat yourself to a seasonal facial for an update on your skin’s condition.

4. Always use sun protection, particularly on your face, to help prevent premature aging.

5. Vitamins are your friends! Vitamin C and A are particularly good for keeping your skin looking clear and healthy.

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