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Career choices for women in a casino 

The gambling industry in the UK provides employment to 106,678 people as per the statistics published in November 2016. Until 2007, 56% of the workforce comprised women. Employment in a casino can be an interesting career option for women. 

Not only do you have the potential to earn a good salary, casino employees are generally well treated. Most employees receive a standard benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as a pension plan after being employed for six months to a year.

Depending on your location you may even have your own dining rooms, so as to interact with other coworkers. Apart from good working conditions, there are several perks and benefits offered to the employees. 

Popular Casino website Mr Mobi, brings to you a list of career choices for women in a casino: 

1. Casino Dealers: Being a casino dealer requires a training of eight to ten weeks where they teach the basic rules of the game and related laws of that particular country. The pay scale is dependent on knowledge and experience in the industry.  

2. Cage Cashiers: A cage cashier is responsible for keeping a record for all kinds of incoming cash. No experience is required as such and at least the minimum wages are paid.  

3. Casino hosts: They are required to make sure that the customers have an enjoyable experience and they would want to visit the place again. It is a part of the sales and marketing strategies. Good communication skills are required. The hosts have to report to senior management employees.  

4Casino security: This job requires the person to monitor the casino and work of other employees from the surveillance room. A familiarity with camera equipment and operations of the casino is essential to be in this kind of job. This position is open to both men and women.

5. Pit Supervisors: This is a higher level job in which one to have to keep a check on any kind of fraudulent activities like cheating, card counting etc. by the customer or the dealer. Experience is necessary for this job. This job can pay up to £60,000 per annum. 

6. Executive Chef: An executive chef is responsible for preparing food to the satisfaction of the customers. A responsibility to maintain the inventory is also in the hands of the chef. A prior culinary experience is required. 

7. Casino manager: A woman with dedication and skills can also become a casino manager. The position holds the maximum responsibilities. She has to ensure that all the government regulations are followed. She has to modify the casino with changing trends. She has to manage the employees as well as resolve customer grievances. The job pays well but requires many years of experience. 

Furthermore, the online gambling industry also opened a number of career options for women like software development, customer service, blogging, web developing and many others. This sector is growing rapidly and provides a plethora of jobs for women.

Poppy Watt.