Another Grand National!

The Grand National

Excitement and much more in the upcoming Grand National

Horses, a lot of them, excitement and even a day to display all your clobber, the Grand National is all this and much more! This race is now a part of British heritage, since the first race took place in 1839. It all started, as always with men, to determine who had the best horse for hunting and jumping fences (this is one of the few races in the world that incorporates that kind of obstacles), then it turned into a kind of a prank, as they race in the pitch dark wearing pajamas and a night hat.

Well, in 2017, that innocent prank has become one of the greatest sports event in the United Kingdom, and perhaps in the whole continent. The statistics don´t lie, about 250,000 people watched the last year edition on T.V. and almost 100,000 went to the several days of races in this true horse race event.

Women have their day, as the Friday 7th of April (one day before the great event), the Grand National celebrate the ladies with a whole day of races and a dressing event, where you can wear your best to impress the juries and perhaps you might get home with a trophy.

The Grand National is also renowned for its chance of scoring big bets, since its handicap system adds most weight to the best horses, leaving the least favorites with a better chance to fight the first positions. The stakes are really high for these horses, so why don´t place a note on them, as Grand National betting is also a great British tradition.