Cornish Art Posters

Vintage Style Seaside Travel Poster of Camel Estuary, Padstow, Rock in Cornwall

Cornish Art Posters

Sometimes just the positioning of a picture can transform a room into one you love to one you adore.

The John Dyer Gallery in Cornwall are delighted to announce a new range of contemporary Cornish Art Posters with a vintage twist. Bringing this very special part of the country into your home.

Joanne Short is one of Cornwall's most established artists and her paintings are truly unique in their style and construction.

They bring to us a strong but gentle view of her world and focus on the beauty, pattern and life that is found in the landscape.

The new range features a range of paintings of Cornwall with vintage style typography and flat colour. Available in two sizes, A3 at £26 and A2 at £45, plus a framed option available for both sizes.

Each poster is produced individually on archival matte paper with lightfast inks in the artists' studios in Falmouth, so they are a real part of Cornwall's rich and historic art history.

We have featured two stunning posters to show what an impact a poster can have on the décor of a room, instantly giving it a lift:

Vintage Style Seaside Travel Poster of Lizard Point and Lighthouse in Cornwall  -

The most southerly part of the UK, the Lizard in Cornwall, has been captured in this magical nocturne. A full moon illuminates the coast and the Lizard lighthouse stands proud on the cliff side. Wild Cornish flowers fill the foreground with colour.

Vintage Style Seaside Travel Poster of Camel Estuary, Padstow, Rock in Cornwall

Joanne's colourist painting looks amazing on this vintage style print. The Camel estuary, Padstow and Rock are stunning locations to paint. The elegant ferns, campion and daisies of the Cornish hedgerow, beautifully frame the pools of water on the soft sand.

"These new art posters are proving amazingly popular, The John Dyer Gallery started with a small collection and this has now grown to a range of 45. Joanne is one of Cornwall's best-loved artists and we are delighted to be bringing her work to a wider audience through this project.

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Poppy Watt

For your chance to win one of the A3 framed Joanne Short posters RRP £45 just answer the following question:

What other type of artwork from Joanne Short is available to purchase on the John Dyer Gallery website?

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Congratulations to K Ryan from Huddersfield for winning this super prize.